Should You Replace or Repair Your Windshield?

Should You Replace or Repair Your Windshield? – Should You Replace or Repair Your Windshield? That depends on the severity of the damage. The cost to replace a windshield can be expensive but a necessary expense when safety is an issue.

A small chip or two that are under the size of a quarter isn’t anything to worry about and can be simply repaired.

Damage over the size of a quarter is different. A seemingly small crack or chip will grow in size, over time. A big crack can hinder your vision, amongst other safety issues. A cracked or broken windshield compromises the vehicle’s overall structural integrity, should you be involved in an accident.

When you get into a collision, the last thing you want is to have a windshield that is weak, and unable to hold up to an impact.

Knowing how important your windshield is to your overall driving safety probably changes the attitude you originally had about the overall cost of replacing it. After all, if your windshield is damaged, you are putting yourself and your passengers in dire danger.

What is your safety worth? Or, in other words, what does it cost to properly replace your windshield without sacrificing quality and safety?

That can vary widely, based on a myriad of factors. First you have to look at the year, make and model of your vehicle. If you have a relatively recent and popular car, say like the Toyota Camry, the cost for replacing your windshield will be lower than if you have an older and/or rare car.

Recent and popular cars have more affordable upkeep because their parts, including the windshield, are produced in larger quantity more frequently.

Next, you have to consider the type of safety glass that is selected and installed for your new windshield .

You typically have 3 types of glass that an installer will choose from: Dealer glass, which auto glass you purchase from your vehicle dealer. Usually this is more expensive because it’s a name brand.

OEM glass, which means Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM glass is made to the same specifications as dealer glass. The difference is that OEM glass is not usually made by the same distributor as original dealer glass. This is usually both the safest and most affordable auto glass option, and many qualified auto glass shops exclusively use OEM glass for it’s commitment to quality and affordability.

Last, there’s aftermarket glass–which is created by independent companies that do not have a direct contract with car manufacturers, and therefore cannot legally create glass with the same specifications as OEM glass. Usually the glass is thicker, and in many cases dealerships won’t let you return a leased vehicle with OEE glass, simply because the difference in quality is too great. This may be significantly cheaper glass, but it’s usually not your best choice for windshield replacement.

In addition to the type of glass you select for your vehicle, there are a number of other considerations to think about for your windshield and vehicle.

You also have to look at the extra or special features of your auto glass, such as built-in micro-electric sensors, UV coatings, molding that holds your glass in place, etc.

All of these things cost extra when replacing your windshield. Most of the time, with perhaps the exception of some special glass coatings, these things are not optional for your vehicle.

For instance, the special sensors in your auto glass may work with the very complex electronic ecosystem that keeps your vehicle functioning in prime condition. It also goes without saying that you can’t skimp on what keeps your windshield sealed firmly to the frame of your car.

In the end, this may add up financially–but it also adds to your overall driving safety.

Who you select to install your new windshield can also cause your final replacement bill to vary. If possible, you want to select a shop that gets frequently updated education on the latest auto glass safety and technology.

It may cost you a little more, but it’s worth keeping you and your passengers safe as you drive.

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