SEO Hero – What is the Wix SEO Hero Challenge?

SEO Hero – What is the Wix SEO Hero Challenge? SEO Hero – What is the Wix SEO Hero Challenge? My friend told me about a competition that WIX is doing to see who can rank their site at the top of Google for the search term “SEO Hero”

Here is what got my attention …

“We’re going to create a new Wix website optimized with the search term “SEO Hero”. You’re invited to create your own website (feel free to use any platform). If your site ranks the highest for that search term in 4 months’ time, we’ll give you $50,000. Yes, it’s that simple.”

That’s right. You can enter the SEO Hero competition and have a chance at wining $50,000 cash.

Here is some of the FAQ’s regarding the SEO Hero competition:

Q. What is this SEO Hero challenge?

A. We’re going to create a new Wix website optimized for the keyword “SEO Hero”. Everyone is invited to create their own website (on any platform) and if it ranks the highest for that search term in 4 months’ time, we’ll give them $50,000.

Q. When does the challenge run?

A. You can enter your site in the competition by submitting a link from (and including) November 16 to December 16, 2016. Every day from March 13 to March 15, 2017 at 12:00pm ET (noon) and 20:00pm ET, the moderator will search for the term “SEO Hero” on Google. The site to rank the highest on average over this period will be the winner. In the event of a draw, a seventh search will be run on March 16, 2017 at 12:00pm ET (noon) to determine the winner. The winner will be announced within 2 weeks of the challenge end date.

Q. Can I enter after the competition start date?

A. You can submit your site URL from November 16 to December 16, 2016. No entries will be accepted after this date.

Q. How do I enter?

A. Create a website in English (using any platform) about the SEO expert/s you’d consider to be heroes. Optimize it with the search term “SEO Hero”. The website that ranks the highest at the end of the challenge period will win its owner $50,000.

Q. Who is the judge?

A. Eran Hurvitz, CEO of MRKT360 INC, will be checking to ensure that no one uses unethical SEO techniques (come on, you know that’s not cool). All participants must comply with the rules of the competition to be considered eligible.

Q. What SEO guidelines should I use?

A. Follow Google’s guidelines for SEO (here’s the link). This is part of the challenge rules and you will need to follow these to keep your site in the running.

Q. Are there any grounds for disqualification?

A. In order to stay in the competition, your SEO Hero website must comply with all of our challenge rules. In addition, the following requirements must be met or you could be disqualified without notification:

1. The domain you submit must be purchased on or after November 16, 2016.

2. You will need to open an account with Google Analytics and Google search console by February 16, 2017, connect it to your SEO Hero website and add [email protected] as an admin.

Okay so that pretty much covers the competition. Hope you enter and have a go. You never know your luck.

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